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2, 4, 6-Triamino-S-Triazine, Cyanurotriamide, Cyanurotriamine

Brief Introduction to Melamine Melamine, also known as Cyanurotriamide, Cyanurotriamine, 2, 4, 6-Triamino-S-Triazine, is a kind of white crystalline powder, stable under normal temperature and easy to store. It is the most valuable and sophisticated product in the nitrogen chain and most often used as paper reinforcing agent, textile auxiliaries, cement water-reducing agent and leather retaining agent, etc.

In order to cope with the huge market demands, we have purchased two sets of up-to-the-date melamine manufacturing machines and passed ISO9001 certifications, realizing an annual production of 60,000 tons.

Outstanding Features of Melamine
1. Melamine is known for its high stability and ensures end products containing melamine is resistant to high temperature exposure as well as physical and chemical degradation.
2. The high nitrogen content of Cyanurotriamine also leads to its wide application in flame retardant materials.
3. Melamine also possesses high bonding potential, which assures surface applications with excellent properties such as hardness, moisture resistance, etc.

Applications of Melamine
1. Laminates
For table tops, kitchen shelves, bathroom countertops, bus bodies, exterior wall claddings, instrument panels.

2. Flame Retardants
Flexible polyurethane foams, intumescent coatings, polyamides, thermoplastic polyurethanes.

3. Cleaners
Magic eraser, polymeric cleaning products

4. Arsenical Drugs
Important in the treatment of African trypanosomiasis

5. Resins for Lacquer Paints
Motorcars, refrigerator cabinets, kitchen applications, wallpapers, wrinkle-free apparel.

6. Concrete Plasticizers
Low porosity, high mechanical strength and long service life

Technical Parameters of Melamine
CAS No.: 108-78-1
Product name Melamine 99.8%
Quality standard National Quality Standard GB9567-97
Items Standard value Melamine by Chuangji
Purity ≥99.8% 99.92%
Water contents ≤0.10% 0.05
Ash content ≤0.03% 0.01
PH value 7.5-9.5 8.0
APHA color scale ≤20 10
Turbidity ≤20 10
Appearance white crystalline powder white crystalline powder

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