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    1. Melamine It is the most valuable and sophisticated product in the nitrogen chain and most often used as paper reinforcing agent, textile auxiliaries, cement water-reducing agent and leather retaining agent, etc.
      In order to cope with the huge market demands, we have purchased two sets of up-to-the-date melamine manufacturing machines and passed ISO9001 certifications, realizing an annual production of 60,000 tons.
    1. Sodium Sulfide Sodium sulfide is frequently used in kraft process and ideally suited for the production of high-strength paper.
      It also functions as a desulfurizing and dechlorinating agent in leather process for the sulfitisation of tanning extracts.
      In electroplating industry, disodium sulfide reacts with palladium and produces palladium sulfide, which forms a good conducting layer on metalloids.
    1. Paraformaldehyde Paraformaldehyde is most often used for producing high-precision resins, such as urea formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, etc. such a type of resin is characterized by high-temperature resistance, high roughness, large bending strength, anti-fatigue, abrasion resistance and excellent electrical property. These resins can replace some metals and are used for making mechanical components in automotive industry.
    1. Fertilizer Because NPK fertilizer contains nourishing agents required for the growth of plants, it is effectively used in agriculture for fertilizing purposes to stimulate growth and fertility. Compared to conventional CF, NPK fertilizer boosts the crop yield by 8-25%.
      By using this compound fertilizer, farmers get crops that have a strong roots and high percentage of protein and vitamin contents. Non-toxic and non-explosive, NPK fertilizer is well received among peasants.